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Ciné Langues Version Orginale

Mr SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON  by Frank Capra (1939)

Halfway through the Senate term, senior Senator Joseph Paine finds himself having to fill the place of the recently dead Senator Samuel Foley. Jefferson Smith, the leader of the state’s Boy Rangers group is appointed to the position. Smith is naïve, inexperienced and is also popular with the people. The reason for choosing Smith is simple: Taylor, the business and media mogul, and Paine want to get a bill passed that would finance a dam at Willet Creek. The dam is totally unneeded but it would gain them popularity and votes. They need someone like Smith who is totally unaware of politics and who won’t get in the way of their plans. Smith goes to Washington… Will he agree to be the “straw man”?

On Tuesday 18th February 2020 from 5:00 to 7:30                       (Amphitheatre)

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